Amish Pergolas

Do you want to create an extension of your home outdoors that your family and friends will enjoy for generations to come?  Our elegant Amish pergola designs can instantly create a warm, sophisticated look.  

Amish Pergolas are Both Functional and Beautiful

Say goodbye to flimsy portable shade structures that can be inconvenient to put up, easily blow over, and need to be stored every year.  And say hello to a new louvered pergola from River View Outdoor Products that will be there when you need it, is resistant to mother nature, and becomes a permanent, integral part of your outdoor living area.  Purchase the pergola size and style you desire, and get the protection from the elements your family needs while improving the aesthetic appeal of your property.   With one of our attractive wood or vinyl pergolas, you'll feel like you're on a romantic vacation at your favorite resort without having to leave the comfort of your home!

High-Quality Pergolas at Great Prices for the Value

If you think a new Amish-built pergola costs too much, think again.  At River View Outdoor, we can keep your new pergola cost in check.  We'll help you get a custom-pergola look without paying the custom-pergola price.  We offer pergolas for sale in many popular styles, including our signature collection of Arched Pergolas (including the Arcadian and Hearthside), Artisan Pergolas (in your choice of maintenance-free vinyl or traditional wood), the beefy Kingston Pergola, and the Southwestern-inspired Sante Fe Pergola.  All of our prefab pergolas are available in many sizes and are fully customizable to meet your exact usage requirements to create the outdoor ambiance you desire.

River View Outdoor Products is Known for Quality

We know many retailers that claim to sell quality pergolas.  But we know that you will have peace of mind when you buy a pergola from River View Outdoor Products.  The pergolas for sale at River View Outdoor Products are manufactured by Country Lane Products, a builder of fine, handcrafted Amish-built Pergolas based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home to some of the finest pergola craftsmen in the world.  Whether you are shopping for a pergola in NJ or PA, let us assist you in building the garden pergola you dream of.

So let's get started.  Please select your favorite louvered pergola styles below, get inspired by our galleries of pergola photos, and contact us for your free, no-obligation Amish pergola quote today! 

Thank you for all your help with our project. Was a pleasure working with you.

Kathy Mucciacciaro

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Arched Arcadian Pergolas

The perfect compliment to any backyard or garden our Arched Arcadian Pergolas by Country Lane mimic the natural lines and curves in nature, with squared or rounded posts and a beautiful arched top that offers partial shade and architectural interest.

12x17 Hearthside Pergola

Rediscover romance. Instantly transform your back yard into a charming Italian trattoria - no passport or euros required. Featuring sturdy half-moon braces and arched, scalloped joists, the curved Hearthside Pergola by Country Lane creates a warm, sophisticated look that's perfect for romance under the stars.

Artisan Vinyl Pergolas

Combining stately features and architectural elegance, our Vinyl Artisan Pergolas by Country Lane are at home in just about any backyard setting from patio to poolside.

Artisan Wood Pergolas

If you love the beauty and elegance of cedar wood, our Wood Artisan Pergolas will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Combining stately features and architectural elegance, our Artisan Pergolas are at home in just about any backyard setting.

Kingston Pergolas

The biggest, beefiest pergola we sell. The all-cedar Kingston Pergola provides maximum shade, along with rock-solid construction for a centerpiece that steals the show every time! Available in sizes starting at 10×10', this pergola can be built to a massive 18×22 with only four posts.  Learn more now!

Santa Fe Pergolas

Add some “wow” factor with the unique look of the Santa Fe Pergola. This stylish and functional design is eye-catching, creates a shady spot for sunny areas in your yard, and instantly defines an outdoor space. The large curved braces and decorative posts add durability and extra roof support.  You'll find the large, arched braces and unique roof slope give the Santa Fe pergola an eye-catching look.  Learn more!

Traditional Vinyl Pergolas

There's no doubt that adding a pergola to your backyard landscape will enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors, year after year. But you may be wondering whether you should choose a vinyl pergola or stay with a tried and true wood pergola. Our Traditional Vinyl Pergolas by Country Lane are designed with the busy homeowner in mind.

Traditional Wood Pergolas

Why let the inviting feeling of home stop at your door? Create an outdoor family room that your neighbors will admire and your family will love. Your next family barbecue or game night will draw an eager crowd when you've installed a new traditional wood pergola! There's just something about the look of real wood, from the subtle grain patterns to the rich stain colors. Learn more now!

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