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  • How Much Can I Store In An Amish Shed?
    How Do I Know What Size Shed To Buy? A frequently asked question by shed customers is “How do I know what size shed to buy”. What they are really asking is how do I estimate the amount of storage space I need. There are some general guidelines that are standard in the industry, though every situation has its own variables.
  • Why You Should Buy a Shed from River View
    Are you tired of searching through shed lot after shed lot, trying to find one that stands out from the crowd? All sheds are not created equal, so where is the best place to buy one? River View Outdoor Products could be the perfect choice.
  • What Can I Fit in My Shed?
    Once you figure out what shed size will fit in your backyard, evaluate your belongings and decide what you plan to store inside it. For some, calculating what will fit inside their shed may seem easy. Just lay out anything you intend to put inside and measure it. Create a scale drawing, and the shed size required will soon be obvious. We recommend buying a slightly bigger shed than what you currently need so that you will have plenty of room for your equipment and tools collection to grow as the years pass by.
  • Top 10 Shed Uses
    Could your backyard use some cleanup? Maybe your house is too small for that much needed workspace, or relaxation from the daily bustle of life. If you’re tired of cleaning dog hair off the couch, give your pet a warm place of their own. A shed from River View Outdoor Products can be useful in many situations!
  • 7 Steps to Buying a New Shed
    The first step to buying a shed is fairly simple, but can be one of the most difficult. Before you can begin the process of looking for the right shed, you need to determine what is going to fit in the space available to you. It is important to know what kind of rules and regulations your township has in place for sheds so that you are able to get a permit (see step 3 below). This will help determine where you can place the shed, and how big it can be. It is also important to determine what you are going to put in the shed, and how much space...

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