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Are you looking for the perfect home for your flock of chickens or your favorite canine companion? River View Outdoor Products is pleased to offer durable, aesthetically pleasing havens for your outdoor friends.

Day after day, your pets bring you personal satisfaction and companionship in life. You see happy tail wagging and receive precious puppy kisses. You hear contented clucking and gather beautiful, fresh eggs. By supplying your pets with a safe and durable shelter, you’ll find that your pets will thrive, increasing enjoyment and happiness for both your pets and you. What’s not to love? Don’t wait to provide your pets with the new home they deserve.

Our pet housing is durable and safe to predators. Every animal shelter is rot resistant and available in many various styles. If you’re looking for a sturdily built chicken coop or dog kennel, you’ve come to the right place.

At River View, we make the process simple. First, select the animal housing that most interests you. Enjoy the beautiful inspiration on our gallery pages and catalogs. Second, contact us for a free quote on the chicken coop or dog kennel that best meets your needs. Third, get your new pet shelter delivered right to your backyard!

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dutch chicken pen tractor style

River View Outdoor Products has  a great variety of chicken coop sizes and styles for you to choose from. Made with quality and care, our coops are built to weather the elements, to protect your chickens from predators, and to enhance your backyard’s beauty.

8' x 12' Elite dog kennel

Your dog deserves a beautiful shelter to call his home. Don’t just buy any old dog house. Handcrafted with quality care and available at a reasonable price, our dog kennels are built to withstand the elements and to give your furry friend the comfort he needs for every season.

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