Chicken Coops

dutch chicken pen tractor style

Chicken Coops

No matter the size of your flock, River View Outdoor Products has  a great variety of chicken coop sizes and styles for you to choose from. Made with quality and care, our coops are built to weather the elements, to protect your chickens from predators, and to enhance your backyard’s beauty. 


Are you seeking something compact and portable like our 3x4 Quaker Tractor coop? Or maybe something more spacious and permanent like our 12x24 A-Frame style coop? We believe you’ll find the perfect style for your lawn and your flock in our catalog below. 


So take a little time to dream about the size and style, the color, roofing options, and optional accessories. We’re honored to offer you a quality, handcrafted chicken coop at a price that you can feel great about. Get your free chicken coop quote now!


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