Dog Kennels

8' x 12' Elite dog kennel

Dog Kennels

Your dog deserves a beautiful shelter to call his home. Don’t just buy any old dog house. Handcrafted with quality care and available at a reasonable price, our dog kennels are built to withstand the elements and to give your furry friend the comfort he needs for every season. 


How many dogs will need housing in your new kennel? Do you envision a rustic cedar stain or a fresh red or white paint finish? Would a heating or cooling unit keep your canine more comfortable? What kind of fencing or door options would suit your pet’s needs best? We offer many exciting, customizable options so you can create your perfect puppy kingdom. We can’t wait to serve you and your four footed best friend. Take a few minutes to browse our catalog below. Then get in touch with us for your free dog shelter quote!


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