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  • 16 foot gazebo
  • White Vinyl Gazebo
  • Octagonal White Vinyl Gazebo
  • Rectangular Dutch Style Wood Gazebo
  • Oval White Vinyl Gazebo

Patio gazebos grace village greens, the backyards of country farmhouses, and the gardens of grand estates from coast to coast. They are a timeless reminder of a simpler time - an era when we enjoyed the pleasures of the outdoors more and worried a lot less. Now you can watch the seasons unfold right from the comfort of your own backyard gazebo. From spring's first long-awaited buds, through the rich colors of fall and beyond, your new gazebo will welcome you into every new season. Surround yourself with the sounds and sights of nature and refresh your spirit.

Whether you choose from our elegant outdoor gazebos, patio gazebos or garden gazebos, we're sure you'll find the right one for your lifestyle and landscape. Browse our many gazebo choices, and request your quote from River View Outdoor Products today!

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Gazebos sold by River View Outdoor Products

Originating on village greens and in the gardens of immaculate estates, gazebos transport us back to the American summers of our childhood memories. Entertain your guests with fresh slices of watermelon or prop up your feet with a good book, and enjoy relaxing in your own backyard.

Wood Gazebos

Our Traditional Amish gazebos are constructed of wood.  You will love the look, feel and over all richness that wood offers. Wood can be painted or stained and refinished. Garden gazebos constructed with wood also provide a warm atmosphere for an at home feel.

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