Transform New Jersey Outdoor Living Spaces With Pergolas & Gazebos

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Transform New Jersey Outdoor Living Spaces With Pergolas & Gazebos

Homeowners in urban neighborhoods throughout New Jersey are transforming sweltering decks, patios, and backyards into comfortable outdoor living spaces by installing prefab pergolas and Amish gazebos. Adding one of these outdoor structures to your backyard is not as complicated as you might think.

NJ Pergolas Provide Filtered Backyard Living

Does it feel like a blast furnace when you step out your back door on a warm summer afternoon? Do your bare feet almost blister when you walk across the deck or patio to water your plants? Ouch! We feel your pain, living in urban areas can become uncomfortably warm during the hot summer months, fortunately many residents in NJ are creating beautiful outdoor living spaces by installing prefab pergolas.

Whether you have a small piece of scorched earth or the sun scorched remains of a wooden deck outside your patio door, we can help you transform the area into a refreshing outdoor living space with open air breezes and filtered sunlight. Begin by adding an Amish built wood or vinyl pergola. Pergolas are a perfect fit for the DIY crowd, so you and your handyman neighbor can complete the project in a weekend or if you are not up to the challenge of constructing your own, we will be glad to arrange for delivery of one of our Amish handcrafted prefab pergolas. Just call us today to make the arrangements.

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Prefab Pergolas - Joanna Gaines Go-To Backyard Upgrade

Is the concrete and asphalt of urban New Jersey living closing in on you? Why not escape it, by implementing one of Joanna Gaines “Fixer Upper” go-to backyard upgrades. The process begins with choosing one of our stock pergola models or contacting us to arrange for a custom pergola to be built. After choosing the design you prefer, the construction material, size, and color, we build it to your specifications. When construction is complete our staff contacts you to arrange delivery by one of our delivery professionals.

After delivery and installation, perennial climbing plants can be added to increase the amount of shade provided by your pergola. There are a number of flowering perennial plants that are considered hearty climbers, these plants will add additional filtering of sunlight and radiant beauty as they bloom throughout the spring and summer season. Browse our pergola inventory to start creating the living space you only thought possible in Homes & Garden magazines.

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Vinyl Pergolas - The Maintenance Free Pergola

Our pergolas are manufactured by highly skilled Amish & Mennonite craftsmen. Each piece is carefully crafted from the highest quality outdoor grade lumber or vinyl materials available. While a vinyl pergola may cost more than wood initially, it is superior to wood in several ways. Vinyl is truly a maintenance free product that can endure harsh weather conditions without splitting, cracking, rotting, or losing its color. With vinyl, you never have to refinish the surface, like you do on a wooden pergola. Therefore if you are not attracted to the natural beauty of wood, we recommend a vinyl pergola for beauty that will last a lifetime.

NJ Gazebos To Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Looking to improve your outdoor living space but have a mosquito or gnat problem? Some of the coastal regions of New Jersey have thriving populations of pesky mosquitos and gnats that can really take the fun out of outdoor entertainment. This problem can be solved by installing one of our Amish crafted gazebos.

Picture one of our white vinyl gazebos installed in your backyard living space. Soft lighting illuminates the gazebo interior for those after dusk parties, while the mosquito proof screening keeps those pesky critters outside where they belong, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the evening together. 

We would be delighted to deliver one of our gazebos to your Hamilton Township, Middletown Township, New Brunswick, Princeton, Asbury Park, or greater New Jersey area location. So what does it take to get started improving your outdoor living space with a NJ pergola or gazebo?

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