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Amish-Built Pre-Fabricated Garages For Sale

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Do you want to shield your vehicle from the weather? Are you tired of scraping the frost, ice, and snow off your windows before heading to work?  Whether you have one car, two cars, or three cars, you can buy a garage from River View Outdoor Products that fit your needs and preferences.

River View Outdoor Products builds garages in a variety of styles, including A-frame and Dutch barn.  The larger size and inclusion of an overhead garage door make them perfect for storing vehicles and larger equipment.  Need more storage space than a typical one-car garage shed?  We also offer two-car and three-car garage models.  The best part is that we can customize each of our garages to your liking.  Add a ramp for easy in-and-out access to your garage, or put a cupola on top to stand out from the crowd.  We'll even work with you to match the color and style of your home!

Worried about how to get your garage delivered? Deliveries are free within a twenty-mile radius of our location at the Bristol Market in Bristol, PA. We are pleased to offer garages for sale to our friends and neighbors throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We deliver every garage we sell and provide expert delivery and set up on your pad. 

Contact us using the form below to price your garage, and soon you will have more space to park your vehicles, store your equipment, or enjoy your hobbies!


Shed Sizes: Custom & Standard

Do you need a specific custom shed size? No problem. Contact River View for information.

In addition, the Garage is available in these standard sizes.

10' Wide Sheds
10' x 10'
10' x 12'
10' x 14'
10' x 16'
10' x 18'
10' x 20'
10' x 24'
12' Wide Sheds
12' x 12'
12' x 14'
12' x 16'
12' x 18'
12' x 20'
12' x 22'
12' x 24'
12' x 26'
12' x 28'
12' x 30'
12' x 32'
12' x 34'
12' x 36'
12' x 40'
14' Wide Sheds
14' x 20'
14' x 24'
14' x 28'
14' x 30'
14' x 32'
14' x 34'
14' x 36'
14' x 40'
14' x 44'
14' x 48'

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BedRock Siteworks can prepare a gravel or concrete pad for your shed or garage. We have worked with them for over ten years. Visit their website at, or contact them via phone or email for a quote.

phone: (215) 839-3904
email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the installation of a new garage?

Once you have selected your garage’s location and know the dimensions, you should prepare your new garage’s foundation. A good foundation prevents structural issues with your garage after installation. We recommend that you find an experienced foundation builder such as BedRock Foundations. If you need a referral, let us know!

Do I need a permit to install a garage?

Permitting requirements vary from place to place, so you will need to check with your local township building department to determine if you need a permit. If your location requires a permit, please ensure that you have the permit and that it is up to date upon delivery. If you ever have questions, call us at (215) 826-0110 x112!

How much does delivery cost?

There is no additional cost for delivery within a twenty-mile radius of our office. If you live outside of the free delivery area, please contact us for a delivery quote.

How long do I need to wait for the delivery of the garage?

We typically maintain a 4 - 6 week lead time for our shed deliveries. Due to increased demand, our current lead time is 15 - 16 weeks.

Do you provide financing?

You always get the best price when you pay in cash or by check; however, we offer a Rent-to-own option for purchasing your garage (does not apply if we need to build on site, and only applicable within PA). Ask our sales personnel for details. Call (215) 826-0110 x112.

Do you need vehicle access to my yard to deliver the garage?

When we deliver your shed, we will use a small two-wheel tractor called a Mule. Watch it in action!

Will my shed deliver fully assembled?

In most cases, your shed will deliver fully assembled. To comply with height or width restrictions in some areas, we may need to deliver your shed in parts and finish the shed set up on location. We can also modify a shed’s dimensions so that your shed can be delivered fully assembled. For example, instead of delivering a 12’ wide shed to Philadelphia, we can build a shed with a width of 11’, 5” and that allows us to comply with the local width restrictions in the city of Philadelphia.

What are the advantages of buying a prefabricated garage from River View Outdoor Products?

When you buy a prefabricated shed or garage, you benefit from the savings that we can pass along by buying our building materials in bulk and saving on labor by mass-producing our sheds in our production facility.

Do I need to make a down payment when ordering a shed?

At River View Outdoor Products, we require a 50% deposit when you order your shed. The balance is due upon delivery.

Do you have garages in-stock?

Sometimes we have sheds in-stock, but don’t count on it. If you want to see in-stock sheds, call us to find out if we currently have any in-stock before visiting our sales location.

What is the difference between a standard garage vs. a New England-style garage?

The New England-style garage comes with an upgraded trim package. If you want to set your garage apart, this is a great way to upgrade the style.

Can I order a custom garage?

Yes! Visit us, give us a call, or contact us using our webform to discuss building your custom garage. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will try to help you achieve it!

What kind of siding is available for garages?

You can choose between painted wood siding or vinyl siding for your garage.

What is the difference between Wood siding vs. Vinyl Siding?

Although the structure of the wood garages and the vinyl garages are both built of wood, the difference between the wood and the vinyl garages is that a wood garage has a painted wood siding. In contrast, the vinyl garage plywood sides are covered by vinyl siding. Vinyl siding extends the life of the wood by protecting it from the weather. See our catalog for available color options.

How long will my garage last?

With proper care and maintenance, your garage should last many years. Wood-sided garages require new paint at least every five years to keep them in good condition. Vinyl siding requires very little maintenance. For best results, ensure that your garage foundation is dry. if termites are known to cause damage in your area, you should also consider talking to your local pest-control specialist about a preventative treatment plan.

Do you offer a discount?

We typically offer a 5% discount to customers who pay by check or with cash.

Will the garage floor withstand a damp environment?

It is always important to guard against moisture; however, for added protection, you can order a garage from River View Outdoor Products with a pressure-treated floor. Using pressure-treated wood for the floor helps protect a Garage against moisture and termite damage.

What makes River View Outdoor Products different from other shed companies?

At River View Outdoor Products, we build our garages and sheds with top-quality materials and superior workmanship. We treat our customers with respect and strive to exceed customer service expectations.

Do you offer a warranty?

Although we do not offer a warranty for our garages and sheds, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our customer service. If you encounter any problems with your purchase, please contact us.