Commercial Garden Structures and Furniture

River View Outdoor Products is pleased to offer our commercial customers a wide variety of essential outdoor living products from pergolas and gazebos to outdoor furniture and storage sheds. Fully customizable, and available for timely delivery and setup! We’re ready to assist your business or organization, whether you are a learning institution, retirement home, hotel, tourism and entertainment venue or contracting business.

Why should I choose River View Outdoor Products?

  1. We offer a wide array of products to fit anyone’s outdoor needs.
  2. We are dedicated to delivering quality products that satisfy each and every customer.
  3. We offer convenient delivery and setup services.
  4. We have the knowledge and experience to work with large and small clients giving you a consistent experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.
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Ensure Your Installation Site Is Ready For Your New Shed

Commercial storage

Businesses often need outdoor storage space, whether it's for tools, boxes of seasonal items, or even a company vehicle. A well built shed or garage from River View might be just the thing your company needs!. Built from only top quality materials and available in a variety of sizes, our storage buildings are the perfect solution for your commercial storage needs.

Commercial Garden Structures

Consider building a pergola, pavilions, or gazebo to offer a quaint yet highly functional outdoor space for your patrons to enjoy while adding additional visibility and curb appeal to your property. These structures can provide shady areas for outdoor break rooms for your employees or can be rented out to local organizations or individuals to create an extra stream of income.

Outdoor Furniture

Whether you need one park bench or an entire set for your commercial property, River View Outdoor Products full array of our maintenance-free poly outdoor furniture can provide the outdoor experience that your patrons desire. Our outdoor furniture pairs perfectly with our gazebo and pavilions, making the perfect outdoor break rooms for your employees. In addition to offering a wide variety of furniture styles from our catalogues, we can also customize furniture to your specific needs. Some of our customized furniture designs have even become best sellers!